Alex Ishov

Welcome to the private studio of Alex Ishov! Read below to learn more about Alex’s approach to teaching flute and music theory. Contact Alex to inquire about rates.


One of the tenets of Alex’s teaching philosophy is instilling healthy practice habits that maximize growth and productivity, while minimizing playing tension and the chances of performance-related injuries. As someone who has dealt with several injuries, Alex works to spot potential injury-forming habits early, and has experience with the Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, various forms of Yoga and Mindfulness training. Students will learn how to incorporate passive and active stretches as well as calisthenics into their daily practice regimens. Alex is interested in giving students the tools they will use to develop their own way of healthy and productive music-making.


In addition to the standard flute solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoire, Alex Ishov is excited to introduce Intermediate and Advanced students to flute repertoire of the late 20th and 21st centuries, introducing lesser known works that are on their way to becoming standard repertoire. Intermediate and Advanced students will have the opportunity to learn more about the physics of flute playing; lessons will include learning about the construction of the flute and its history, acoustics, as well as practice methods to improve intonation and listening. Advanced students will learn how mastery of Extended Techniques can be used to further develop tone, unlocking new sound worlds and repertoire choices

Beginning theory students will be given a foundation in basic musicianship skills, including ear training, sight-singing, utilizing fixed and moveable “Do,” as well as scale degree numbers. Students will learn how to critically respond to music, and part of each lesson plan will be tailored to each individual student’s musical interests. Alex is interested in developing skills that students can take outside of their lessons, whether or not they choose to pursue music professionally. As a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Alex prepares students to thrive at the most rigorous of academic environments by showing students how to break up complex and difficult materials into manageable pieces.